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25 Apr 2014
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Diversity Challenges and Organizational Cynicism: A study on Egyptian Physicians

Online veröffentlicht: 05 Dec 2017
Volumen & Heft: Volumen 9 (2017) - Heft 1 (January 2017)
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25 Apr 2014
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As a result of globalization and interactions of people with various identities, cultural diversity has become a noticeable norm in today’s business life. Accordingly, managing such cultural diversity requires a dependence on a much more tolerant culture in which employees seek to attain both career and organizational objectives without being hurdled by irrelevant factors of religion, race, ethnicity and so on. During the last two decades, organizational cynicism has found a place in academic management literature. It has a vital role in interpreting many organizational unwanted behaviors such as: absenteeism, day dreaming and the state of being careless when doing work. This study investigates the association between cultural diversity challenges and organizational cynicism dimensions by conducting a quantitative study of physicians in Kasr El Eini public hospital in Egypt. Upon using correlation and regression analysis for the collected data, it appears that not all cultural diversity challenges have a negative impact on organizational cynicism dimensions.

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