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Pedagogy is Coming Back! Some Hopeful Signs for Sustainable General Education and Worldview Education

   | 06. Juni 2017


Neo-liberal voices are still very strong in education broadly speaking and have a marginalizing impact on normative pedagogies like religious, worldview, moral and civic education. But there are clear and hopeful signs that pedagogy is coming back. After sketching the current situation and its antecedents, the author addresses the views and ideas here provided by pedagogical spokespersons, teacher-leaders and teachers – most of them working in the domain of religious education or worldview education. How do they perceive the current changes in more normative and pedagogical-laden directions? What precisely has caused these changes? Is the return of pedagogy just a temporal hype or is it a real revitalization? What have been the consequences for them professionally and personally speaking? It is the author’s intention and hope that this article will encourage educators in general and religious and worldview educators in particular with an eye on fostering sustainable pedagogical approaches.

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