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Modeling and Topological Properties of a V2I Sub Network in VANET Based on a Complex Network

 und    | 26. Nov. 2015


Vehicles to Infrastructure (V2I) communicate with each other in a Vehicular Ad hoc NETwork (VANET) that can be represented as a complex network. In them much interest has been attracted towards the topological properties and structure recently, and many studies focus the attention on it, in particular V2I sub network. V2I is an important basic part of the future intelligent transportation, which transfers information through a wireless communication network. Analyzing the topological properties would help understand the VANET system structure and reveal the essence of the network. In this paper we propose a V2I model in VANET based on the complex network theory, analyzing the degree distribution. VANET topology characteristics are designed and discussed. The simulation results further illustrate the efficiency and applicability of the proposed approach.

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