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Trilateral Trust Based Defense Mechanism against DDoS Attacks in Cloud Computing Environment


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) in a Cloud leads to a high rate of overload conditions, which subverts the Data Center (DC) performance and ends up in resource unavailability. This work proposes a “Trilateral Trust mechanism” which helps in detecting different kinds of attack groups at different points of time. It is the direct trust based defense mechanism for segregating legitimate and attack groups from the vast number of incoming requestors. It is a hybrid mechanism of trusts that follows the zero trust approach initially and eventually supports both Mutual trust and Momentary trust. This combinatorial trust mechanism helps in detecting almost all kinds of overload conditions at a cautionary period. Detecting the high rate of an attack at an earlier moment of time could reduce the traffic impact towards DC. The simulation results and profit analysis proved that the mechanism proposed is deployable at an attack-prone DC for resource protection, which would eventually benefit the DC economically as well.

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