Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Support of Internal Transport Optimization in Farms with the Use of Spatial Information Systems


Excessive distribution of holdings is one of the most important barriers which causes that in a great part of Poland rational use of farms in impossible. This problem particularly concerns the south and east region of the country. Correct spatial distribution of lands belonging to holdings is one of the most crucial factors that enable an economically profitable activity of these farms. The aim of the paper was verification of the applicability of the prepared spatial data base, farm-land configuration of agricultural plots of the selected agricultural farms to indicate the areas of optimization of the internal transport. As a result, based on the developed spatial data base, an impact of the land configuration of agricultural plots in the investigated group of agricultural producers on organization of the field transport between the holding and agricultural plots was determined. The scope of the paper covered a vegetable producer group, which associates 5 farms that have in total 620 ha of agricultural land.