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Pollutions of the Hyperbaric Breathing Atmosphere

   | Mar 31, 2017


The Sweedish project codenamed DykSMART was carried out in 2013-2015. The results of this project created the base for for international project #R024 Diving with State Maritime Resources in the Baltic DiveSMART-Baltic of Interreg Baltic Sea Region launched in 2016. The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 supports the integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea region. Partners from the countries around the Baltic Sea work together in transnational projects on common key challenges and opportunities. DiveSMART project is dedicated to improved coordination concerning the organizations with emergency divers, in order to be able to handle an international emergency situation: - to be aware of which diving competences are available, and also relevant diving equipment; - common international exercises; - knowledge of education and definitions of various levels of competence; - research & development. The project DiveSMART Baltic has received Flagship status. The article is the first in the planned cycle of articles referring to the tasks realised in the Naval Academy within the framework of DiveSMART project. This article presents a review of pollutants of the hyperbaric breathing agent in connection with their toxic action. This subject is linked to the work package four of the DiveSMART project Risk reduction - develop and enhance methods for life support systems of distressed persons in both physical and psychological areas.