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Comparative Genomic Analysis and Phenotypic Characterization of Bronchoscope-Associated Klebsiella aerogenes


Bronchoscopes have been linked to outbreaks of nosocomial infections. The phenotypic and genomic profiles of bronchoscope-associated Klebsiella aerogenes isolates are largely unknown. In this work, a total of 358 isolates and 13 isolates were recovered from samples after clinical procedures and samples after decontamination procedures, respectively, over the five months. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing found seven K. aerogenes isolates exhibiting a low-level resistance to antimicrobial agents. Among seven K. aerogenes isolates, we found five sequence types (STs) clustered into three main clades. Collectively, this study described for the first time the phenotypic and genomic characteristics of bronchoscope-associated K. aerogenes.

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