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Rapid Detection and Differentiation of KPC and MBL Carbapenemases among Enterobacterales Isolates by a Modified Combined-Disk Test


This study was conducted to develop a cheap, rapid, and accurate modified combined-disk test (mCDT) approach to detect and differentiate KPC and MBL carbapenemases among clinical carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales (CRE) isolates and simultaneously distinguish them from carbapenem-susceptible Enterobacterales (CSE) isolates. A total of 163 CRE and 90 third-generation cephalosporin-resistant Enterobacterales isolates were tested using imipenem and meropenem disks and different concentrations of carbapenemase inhibitors. The optimal sensitivity and specificity for detecting KPC carbapenemase were 97.2% and 100%, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity for detecting MBL carbapenemase were 100% and 100% with imipenem or meropenem and carbapenemase inhibitors within six hours. The inhibitory zone diameter of 18 mm for imipenem or meropenem disks without inhibitor could distinguish CRE from CSE isolates. Therefore, this mCDT approach may be a useful tool in clinical laboratories to detect CRE isolates and differentiate KPC and MBL producers, which is beneficial for patient management and hospital infection prevention and control.

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