Endophytic fungi viz., Nigrospora sphaerica (E1 and E6), Subramaniula cristata (E7), and Polycephalomyces sinensis (E8 and E10) were isolated from the medicinal plant, Shirazi thyme (Zataria multiflora). In in vitro tests, these endophytes inhibited the mycelial growth of Monosporascus cannonballus, a plant pathogenic fungus. Morphological abnormalities in the hyphae of M. cannonballus at the edge of the inhibition zone in dual cultures with N. sphaerica were observed. The culture filtrates of these endophytes caused leakage of electrolytes from the mycelium of M. cannonballus. To our knowledge, this is the first report on the isolation and characterization of fungal endophytes from Z. multiflora as well as their antifungal effect on M. cannonballus.

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