This study conducts a comparative phenotypic and genetic analysis of C. perfringens strains isolated from two patients hospitalized at the same time in 2017 in the surgical ward of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Włocławek (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province) who developed necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTI). To explain the recurring cases of this infection, a comparative analysis was performed for these strains and the ones originating from infections recorded at the same hospital in three patients with gas gangrene in 2015. The two C. perfringens isolates studied in 2017 (8554/M/17 from patient No. 1 and 8567/M/17 from patient No. 2) had identical biochemical profiles. A comparison of research results using multiplex PCR from 2017 with a genetic analysis of strains from 2015 enabled us to demonstrate that the strains currently studied have the genes encoding the same toxins (α and β2) as the two strains analyzed in 2015: no. 7143 (patient No. 3) and no. 7149 (patient No. 2). A comparative analysis of the strain profiles obtained with pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) in 2017 with the results from 2015 has found one identical and genetically unique restriction profile, corresponding to one clone of C. perfringens comprising of two strains: no. 8567/M/17 (patient No. 2 in 2017) and no. 7143 (patient No. 3 in 2015). The epidemiological data and detailed analysis of the course of both events suggest that this clone of C. perfringens possibly survived in adverse conditions of the external environment in the operating block of this hospital for many months.

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