1. bookVolume 27 (2021): Issue 4 (December 2021)
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First Published
30 Mar 2018
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4 times per year
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Direction of businesses operating in Slovakia to develop key managerial competencies

Published Online: 20 Nov 2021
Page range: 291 - 295
Received: 06 Jul 2021
Accepted: 02 Oct 2021
Journal Details
First Published
30 Mar 2018
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The emerging era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings significant changes mainly in the sphere of development and widespread utilization of new technologies. The application of mentioned technological innovations can be found in all economy spheres, however the effectiveness of their implementation is the key to ensuring the businesses competitiveness. The authors analyse the current but also expected state of key managerial competencies as well as their application needed to maintain competitiveness in the emerging era of Industrial Revolution in businesses operating in Slovakia. The research was conducted by the questionnaire method in 1,077 companies, during the year 2020. The results of the survey show an above-average use of almost all assessed competencies as well as positive prognosis for the future, as the perception of their need of future application is even at a higher level than the present state shows.


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