Project construction has never been a simple act, because it is conditioned by specific constraints of cost, time, quality, and it includes a degree of uncertainty. So, time is a vital aspect by which project success is judged; for this purpose, deadline compliance is a paramount question in project construction. In Algeria, delay has invaded the majority of projects. Therefore, it is necessary to give more importance to time management to reach the stage of projects success. As saying goes, “you can’t manage what you do not measure”; the quantification or the prediction of delays appears necessary to arrive at a good mastery and a better management of time. The objective of this paper is to quantify the probability of delays in construction projects. For this reason, data from 30 public projects has been collected, and then categorized into 4 groups according to their types: school groups, college, high school, administrative buildings and economic infrastructures. Subsequently, the simple linear regression method is used to develop prediction model for the public projects in Algeria; to enable managers and practitioners to predict possible delays. This prediction is intrinsic to minimize the risks, to widen the field of reflection and especially to increase the chances of project success.

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