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Results of Automatic Identification of Transport Units in Postal Environment


This article primarily deals with identification of postal items and transport units in the logistic chain of postal operators. Nowadays, the identification is carried through barcodes and optical character recognition. In this article we would like to specify, how the transport units can be identified in the transmission process by RFID technology. In the carriage of postal items it is necessary to decide what type of transport is used for that purpose, what the flows of items are and what their intensity is. The RFID technology is complex, combining a number of different computing and communication technologies to achieve the desired objectives. Each object, which has to be identified, is stuck inside of a small object known as an RFID tag. RFID tag has a unique identifier, through which you can store additional information about the object. Equipments which are known under the name of RFID readers wirelessly, communicate with RFID tags with a view to identify RFID tags attached as well as the possibility to read and update information stored in the RFID label.

The article describes the scheme of the transport process, including planned technology and there is also simulated a real postal process in conditions close to operational.

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