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Branding the Green Education: Challenges Facing Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Egypt


Due to the scarcity in natural resources and the demand for green labour and economy, education for sustainable development (ESD) gained a great importance in developed countries, let alone developing ones. From this point of view, this paper is studying the possibility of infusing ESD in Egypt after one and a half years since January 2011 youth revolution. A primary data gathering method was conducted within a sample of 79 young undergraduate people (67 from the American University in Cairo and 12 fresh graduates from conventional educational systems). The results indicated that there is a positive relationship between high cultural resources along with early childhood awareness and ESD adoption and infusion. Also, Spearman’s rank association test showed a negative relationship between ESD infusion and the satisfaction level of the current conventional curriculum. On the other hand, Spearman’s rank association test showed that α is greater than 0.05; accordingly, there was no correlation between ESD infusion if introduced within the curriculum of an existing well-established university than if introduced as the final outcome of a new university specialised in ESD. The paper highlights the importance of ESD brand associations offered as a service product. After validating the hypothesis, the author discusses the findings and provides solid recommendations for ESD infusion in Egypt.

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