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An integrated direction system for forest management in the form of theses into the forest acts

   | Mar 07, 2014


The paper presents basic conception (system) of long term and sustainable forest management. Forest benefits divides into timber production and provision of public functions. It characterizes a new categorization of forests. The basic forest feature and also the basic forest management feature is a long- -term. Therefore, it is necessary to develop such a system of a long-term planning, resulting in forest management plan. The paper presents main principles of long-term forest management development. It defines consequent key decisions (determining the forest category, management targets, management method, deriving the allowable cut, etc.). At the end, it presents the control system of management that should ensure improvement of the whole long-term process of forest management. It involves a complex concept of long-term and sustainable forest management development, with a practical application in a view of management system into the forest legislation, especially, the new forest act

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