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Relation Structure - Fracture Resistance in Process of Estimate the Weldability of Low Alloy Steels: Part I

   | Jan 28, 2011


The relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of structural materials is still relevant problem in the theory of materials science and mechanical engineering. The question is how the macro-mechanical parameters can be derived from the microscale mechanisms taking into account local structural heterogeneities. Another question is how to make quantitative descriptions of the strength and toughness properties of welded joints made of non-matching weld metal. These problems are the objects of welding and mechanical investigation and they are related to estimation of weldability. The results of this study concern the evaluation stress state at interface of the under- and overmatched weld joints. After formulating a simplified model of under- and overmatched weld joints an analysis was made of stress at interface for the cases of perpendicular and non - perpendicular orientation of the zones (soft - layer and hard - layer) relative to the load action direction under tension.

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