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Subdivision or Multiplication? The Choice of Calibration Design for Multiples of Kilogram


The realization, maintenance and dissemination of the SI base unit, the kilogram, is one of the tasks of the NMI's mass laboratory and is assured by means of reference standards which are traceable to the International Kilogram Prototype through the mass of the National Prototypes. This paper describes the dissemination of mass scale from 1 kg reference standard to weights of E1 class between (1…10) kg, using one of the two methods of calibration: subdivision or multiplication. The paper compares the variance of each weight obtained by both methods. The presented subdivision method deals with a link of standards following the example of Mihailov - Romanowski where the measurements start downwards from 10 kg to 1 kg. The multiplication method is the one usually used in many calibration laboratories and starts from 1 kg to 10 kg. The paper also presents an example of calibration and uncertainty calculations.

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