The microporous carbon materials were prepared by chemical activation of Polish coal with potassium hydroxide using the simplex design method for planning the experiments. The experimental parameters were varied to identify the optimum conditions. Coal can be an excellent starting material for the preparation of high porous carbons for natural gas storage. The porosity of the resultant carbons was characterized by nitrogen adsorption (-196°C). Methane adsorption was investigated in a volumetric laboratory installation at range pressures from 1 to 3.5 MPa (25°C).

The best results of methane storage capacity (557 cm3 · g-1) were obtained when using an impregnation ratio 3.41/1 KOH/precursor and temperature at 592°C, (SLANG = 2091 m2 · g-1). The parameters of the preparation of high porosity and high methane adsorption carbon were determined by a fast and simple method.

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