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Equilibrium and rate of iron(III) extraction from chloride solutions by individual hydrophobic extractants and their mixtures


The main goal of this work was to study and compare the rate of iron(III) extraction from chloride solutions by commercial extractants: Alamine 336, TOPO and LIX 54 and their mixtures. Using the interfacial tension data, obtained for mixed systems, the values of surface mole fraction and molecular interaction parameter of extractants were estimated. Determination of the extraction rates was performed by using the Lewis-type stirred transfer cell. It was found that the extraction efficiency of extractants are changed in the following order: Alamine 336>TOPO>β-diketone. The addition of a chelating extractant to the system decreases the extraction efficiency, for example the addition of β-diketone to TOPO decreases the extraction efficiency by about 50%.

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