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Scaling diminution by heterogeneous crystallization in a filtration element integrated with membrane distillation module

   | Jun 19, 2009


Water desalination by membrane distillation is restricted by calcium carbonate precipitation on the membrane surface, what resulted in a progressive decline of the permeate flux. The module rinsing by HCl solution removed this deposit, however, such operation could cause the membrane wettability, associated with lowering of the permeate flux. This phenomenon was inhibited when the membrane modules with prefiltration element, assembled directly at the inlet to module, were used. The salt deposits were formed mainly on the surface of the filtration element (nets area constituted over 10% of the membranes area), what protected the membranes assembled inside the module. The filter efficiency decreased when the deposit layer covered the entire surface of pre-filter element, and after a few hours (period of 10-20 h) the formation of crystallite on the membrane surface was also observed. Therefore, the formed deposit was systematically removed (at every 5 h) from this pre-filter by 3 wt.% HCl solutions. The periodical rinsing of nets by acid did not have a negative influence on the membrane

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