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Fluctuations of the non-Newtonian fluid flow in a Kenics static mixer: An experimental study


The measurements for a Kenics static mixer were carried out using Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA). The test fluid was non-Newtonian solution of CMC, Blanose type 9H4. The velocity data inside the 5th Kenics insert were collected for the axial components at five levels of Reynolds number, Re = 20 ÷ 120. Velocity fluctuations were also analyzed in the frequency domain, after processing them with the help of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) procedure. The spectra of fluctuations provided information about level of the fluctuations in the observed range of Reynolds number. The obtained data were then also used to plot the velocity profiles for the fifth insert of the Kenics mixer. It was concluded that in the investigated range of Reynolds numbers (Re = 20 ÷ 120) a strong dependence of the velocity profiles and the flow fluctuations on Reynolds number was observed.

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