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Waste management of half-finished products and thermosetting wastes


Plastics are the widely used materials and their application increases every year considerably. Therefore, appropriate waste management policy should be used in relation to the utilization or recycling of scrap plastic components. Although most of these materials refer to thermoplastics, a huge widening demand is observed in the field of thermosets. They find a wide range of applications as the dielectric or insulating materials, high-current breaker switches, sensors and other electrical and electronic devices, as well as high-resistant sleeves in mechanical devices. The substantial part of the thermohardening products is used in a car, heavy, light, chemical industry and agriculture as well. The thermohardening wastes contain a large amount of combustible fraction as thermosetting resins, and various materials as a different kind of metals group like ferromagnetic and copper. Therefore, they are potential sources of energy and secondary materials. Application of thermal methods for the utilization of these wastes in the pyrolysis process was investigated. The development of the utilization of these wastes with the possibility of gas and liquid substance recovery as a potential source of energy on a commercial scale is the main aim of this paper.

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