The aim of our work is model solution management of waste from meat industry, which would lead to zero waste production with the use of cleaner technology. The process will allow to obtain semi-finished products to be then reused for both meat industry and energy recovery. The model will include thermal utilization of meat, meat-bone and other meat industry waste. The ashes with strictly specified properties containing phosphorus components will be used as a potential raw material for the production of phosphoric acid and salts used in meat production. The new technology is going to be developed in one of the biggest meat factories in Poland - DUDA-BIS in Sosnowiec. The strategic aim of the factory is meat processing with zero waste. That would help to avoid problems with meat waste transport and the expensive utilization of waste to meat-bone meal. The reuse of suitably processed meat waste in meat production will permit to lower production costs. This model will satisfy the requirements of BATNEEC - Best Available Technology No Entailing Excessive Costs. This procedure is advantageous also because in the EU market there are 18 million tons of meat by-products1, 2 per year.

Regardless of how the utilization problems could be solved, suitably processed meat industry waste can be treated as a potential substitute for phosphoric raw materials. According to the forecast, 50% of phosphoric raw material deposits used at the moment will be exhausted in the next 60 - 70 years. As a result a necessity for a new source of the raw materials has arisen.

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