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A 900-Years Larch Chronology for North-Western Siberia on the Bases of Archaeological Wood of the UST-Voykar Settlement

During 2003-2006 summer excavation seasons of the Ust-Voykar settlement (65°40' N, 64°30' E) located in northwestern Siberia on the left bank of Gornaya Ob river, 121 samples of larch were collected. Living trees collected nearby were used to cross-date settlement construction. On the basis of living larch trees a 446 year (1554-1999) chronology has been constructed. Calendar dates for 101 samples of archaeological wood were established by cross-dating. Together, the living and archeological material result in a 903 year long chronology. This chronology shows similar variations as the Yamal and Polar Ural chronologies and provides new material that can be included in future climatic reconstructions.

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