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20 Mar 2000
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A Reliability-Exploitation Analysis of a Static Converter Taking Into Account Electromagnetic Interference

Journal Details
First Published
20 Mar 2000
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The paper presents issues associated with the impact of electromagnetic interference on static converters, which exploitation in a railway transport environment. The measurements of an electromagnetic field emitted by a static converter were shown. Designs of this kind are exploitation in railway facilities, therefore, they should not disturb the functioning of other equipment, the rail traffic control systems, in particular. As a result of the EMC tests, it was concluded that the permissible values of conducted interference emissions were exceeded. An analysis of the obtained results enabled developing a research model, and a further reliability and exploitation analysis, taking into account electromagnetic interference. This, in turn, enabled determining a relationship allowing to determine the probability of a static converter staying in a state of full ability. The presented discussions regarding a static converter, taking into account electromagnetic interference, allow for the numerical assessment of different types of solutions (technical and organizational), which can be implemented in order to mitigate the impact of electromagnetic interference on a system’s functioning.


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