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Identification of Postal Mails and Crates by New Developed UHF RFID Antenna


This article deals with RFID technology, which is a part of automatic identification and data capture. We developed a wave propagation model and base on this, we developed a UHF RFID slim antenna. Article describes theoretical background about RFID antennas and electromagnetic waves. Consequently we are coming with the new access, that is, using the UHF RFID "Slim" antenna that eliminates disadvantage of inlays in the case if they are close or inter lap each other. The article describes scheme of identification of postal mails through UHF RFID slim antennas.

Nowadays the identification of postal mails in postal sector is carried through barcodes and optical character recognition. In this article we would like to specify, how can be the postal mail items identified in the transmission process by RFID technology. All theoretical findings are verified by measurement in our AIDC laboratory that is located at the University of Žilina. Finally a method to perform our theoretical model and the identification performance was close 100%. It is an improvement for more than 30% in comparing the results reached with typical inlays. The results of our research bring the new point of view and indicate the ways using of UHF RFID technology in post applications.

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