Introduction: Hydrotherapy is a common comfort measure, treatment and care intervention and it is a therapy prescribed in several clinical specialties for soothing and health-promoting qualities.

Aim: Through this study, we aimed to analyze as many articles as possible on the topic of hydrotherapy as a spine ailments recovery method. At the same time, we wanted to follow what kind of recovery programs or exercises have been performed with patients in the water and which of them have given the best results.

Material and method: We searched and analyzed articles published in the 2011-2022 period, using the Google Scholar search engine and databases such as Science Direct, PubMed and Research Gate. Initially, we selected a total of 65 articles, of which, following the use of exclusion criteria, we were left with a number of 10 articles.

Results: It was observed that hydrotherapy or exercises performed in water have multiple beneficial effects on the human body, especially in people suffering from various diseases of the lumbar spine.

Conclusions: We conclude that hydrotherapy is a beneficial treatment method in the rehabilitation of various spine conditions, both used independently and in association with other accessible treatment methods.

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