Nowadays, public – private partnership is an increasingly common term in the academic literature, in political speeches and international institutions. By carrying out a bibliometric analysis in the field of public-private partnership, the graphic display of a large amount of information was aimed at highlighting the number of publications in this field, the distribution of authors in certain areas, the points of interest and the research methods used by researchers. The information used in this research was collected from the Web of Science database which is one of the most famous in the world, especially from the Web of Science Core Collection, the main component which contains high quality items. Although the first publications on the Web of Science platform dates from 1967, research in this field has been expanding for the last 10 years. In this study we focus on the content of the Web of Science platform and the use of the VOSviewer, a software used to build and display bibliometric relationships, in order to create a map that includes the most used terms in research on “public - private partnership”. The main result of this research is to highlight the state of knowledge regarding the research carried out so far with reference to the public-private partnership.