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Measuring Exposure to High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Experienced by a Helicopter Crew During Flight


High-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have a negative effect on both the human body and electronic devices. Monitoring and measurement of the electromagnetic field generated by devices is important from the point of view of environmental protection, the human body and electromagnetic compatibility. In this study, we tested the value of the electromagnetic field strength determined by the NHT3DL by Microrad with measurement probes during flights in the Robinson R44 helicopter. The reference point for the results obtained were the normative limits of the electromagnetic field permitted to affect the crew and passengers during flight. The maximum RMS values recorded during the measurements were E = 4.399 V/m in the 100 kHz–6.5 GHz frequency band and for the magnetic component H = 2.829 A/m in the 300 kHz–30 MHz frequency band. These results were passed to the Statistica 13.3 software for a detailed stochastic analysis of the values tested.

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