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Two Entropy Theory Wings as a New Trend for the Modern Means of Air Transport Operational Reliability Measure


The paper deals with the uncertainty of the operated system’s possible states hybrid combined optional functions. Traditionally, the probabilities of the system’s possible states are treated as the reliability measures. However, in the framework of the proposed doctrine, the optimality (for example, the maximal probability of the system’s state) is determined based upon a plausible assumption of the intrinsic objectively existing parameters. The two entropy theory wings consider on one hand the subjective preferences functions in subjective analysis, concerning the multi-alternativeness of the operational situation at an individual’s choice problems, and on the other hand the objectively existing characteristics used in theoretical physics. The discussed in the paper entropy paradigm proceeds with the objectively presented phenomena of the state’s probability and the probability’s maximum. The theoretical speculations and mathematical derivations are illustrated with the necessary plotted diagrams.

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