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The User-Preferred Optimal Flight Parameters in an Active Navigational System in a Multi-Alternative Situation


The goal of this paper is to investigate the influence of the objectively existing effectiveness functions of an aircraft control system upon the control and managerial decision making process in the framework of the subjective entropy maximum princi-ple. The subjective analysis theory entropy paradigm makes it possible to consider the aircraft control system based upon personal preferences as an active system governed by an individual (active element of the control system) with the help of her/his individual subjective preferences optimal distributions obtained in conditions of operational multi-alternativeness and those operational alternatives the active system active element’s individual subjective preferences uncertainty. The described ap-proach takes into account the simple two-alternative operational situation in regards with the objectively existing effectiveness functions, related to the aircraft control system, in the view of a controlled parameter and a combination of it with its rate as the ratio. The obtained expressions for the objective functional extremal functions of the effectiveness and preferences, as well as the subjective entropy of the alternatives preferences, illustrated in diagrams visualize the situation and allow taking a good choice. The ideas of the required proper governing, managing, and control methods choice optimization with respect to only 2 alternative objective effectiveness functions arguments might be simple; nevertheless, increasing the number of parameters and further complication of the problem setting will not change the principle of the problem solution.

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