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Mi-2 Helicopters Used Within the Structures of the Aviation Detachment of the Ministry of Interior


In the article, the author presents the wide-scale use of Mi-2 helicopters in the different entities subordinated to the Minister of Interior - from the introduction of the design, until the present. Insights are presented pertaining to the early stages of the helicopter’s service life within the structures of the 103rd NJW MSW Aviation Regiment in the 1960s. The article describes selected aspects related to the introduction of the design, training, operational use and problems encountered. The service life of Mi-2 helicopters operating within the structures of the Ministry of Interior ended upon liquidation of the Ministry’s Aviation Detachment. That is when another chapter in the history of the helicopters was started, this time operated within the structures of the Police and Border Guard forces, where their service life has not been fully used up until this day. The paper describes the reality of every-day use to perform specific tasks, presents the location of aerodromes, touches upon a shift in the philosophy behind the use of the helicopters, and describes their strong and weak points. The PZL-Kania helicopter has been also presented, being a modernized version of the Mi-2, and still used in Poland within the aviation forces of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

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