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Self-reported sexually transmitted infections and healthcare in Slovenia: Findings from the second national survey of sexual lifestyles, attitudes and health, 2016-2017



Objectives were to estimate the lifetime prevalence of self-reported sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and describe STIs healthcare.


Data was collected in the period 2016-2017 from a probability sample of the general population, 18-49 years old, at respondents’ homes by a combination of face-to-face interviews and self-administration of more sensitive questions. Statistical methods for complex survey data were used to account for stratification, clustered sampling, and weighting.


Approximately every tenth sexually experienced individual reported to have had genitourinary symptoms suggestive of STIs, but only a minority of them reported to have had those respective STIs diagnosed. The proportion of sexually experienced individuals that reported to have ever been diagnosed with an STI (excluding trichomoniasis, pubic lice for men and women, and pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal thrush, bacterial vaginosis for women) was 2.4% for men and 6.7% for women (p<0.001). Independent risk factors associated with self-reported STIs in women included at least 10 lifetime sexual partners and having been forced into sex. The majority of the last STI episodes in women were treated by gynaecologists accessible at the primary healthcare level and in men by a dermatovenerologist, after referral by a general practitioner. Approximately half of STI patients were counselled for safer sex and majority reported to have notified their sexual contacts.


Our estimates for lifetime prevalence of self-reported STIs in a probability sample of Slovenian sexually experienced men and women, 18-49 years old, indicate a substantial national burden of STIs. The results will inform national STI prevention and control policies and strategies.

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