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Burden of Type 2 Diabetes from the Healthcare Payer Perspective in Slovenia / Breme Sladkorne Bolezni Tipa 2 S Stališča Plačnika Zdravstvenega Varstva V Sloveniji


Introduction: Diabetes prevalence and costs are rising on aglobal scale. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically conduct cost studies for assessing the healthcare burden impact. In Slovenia, the last type 2 diabetes cost assessment was conducted in 2006, not including all diabetes complication costs. The aim of this study was to revise, update and compare to previously published datadirect healthcare costs of type 2 diabetes in Slovenia with additional complications costs consideration.

Methods: The study was performed from the healthcare payer perspective using the bottom-up approach, was prevalence based and estimated direct medical costs.

Results: We estimated total yearly direct medical costs of type 2 diabetes in Slovenia to 99,120,419 euro with annual per capita costs of 834.70 euro. The highest cost shares were attributed to cardiovascular complication costs (21,683,919 euro), diabetes co-medication (20,977,269 euro) and diabetes treatment medication (18,505,015 euro). Highest yearly costs per complication (all cases, all occurrences) were estimated for dialysis I and III (9,162,635 euro), stroke first year costs (4,951,306 euro) and congestive heart failure first year costs (4,879,533 euro). Yearly per one patient, the complication costs were highest for kidney transplantation, followed by dialysis I and III (78,621.25 euro and 36,797.73 euro)

Conclusions: In comparison to the costs published in the literature before, our estimated total yearly direct medical costs were comparable, although annual per capita costs were assessed lower than elsewhere. Further, regarding the complication costs estimations, our assessed expenses were comparable to those published in other countries.

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