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A Review Of The Literature And Media Reports Of Patterns Of Mental Health Stigma And Addressing Stigma In Slovenia Until 2010 / Pregled Literature In Medijskih Poročil O Stigmatizaciji Ljudi Z Duševnimi Motnajmi In O Ukrepih Proti Stigmi V Sloveniji Do Leta 2010


As part of the ASPEN (Anti-Stigma Programme - European Network) project’s Work Package 4 (‘Anti-stigma’ bestpractice), Aspen sites were to conduct a literature review on stigma in their country. In Slovenia, besides the peerreview publications and reports, we also included all media reports on stigma in the last five years to illustrate theimpact of various professional and public initiatives to reduce stigma and discrimination against depression.The Slovenian report includes several areas of mental health stigma defined through peer reviewed literature andother professional publications.

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