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The Angle of the Shear Resistance of Danube Gravel Derived from the Dynamic Penetration Test


The dynamic penetration test was used to investigate the angle of shear strength of Danube gravel. The correlations for its determination are available in the standards and literature. From the data set of the results, the characteristic value of the angles of shear strength was derived according to the recommended statistical procedure from the second generation of Eurocode 7. The characteristic values of the angle of shear strength were evaluated for well-graded gravels, poor-graded gravels, and gravels with fine-grained particles of the Danube. The correlations, which were based on field tests and considered the genesis of the soil, were compared with laboratory test results and a table of the values from the Slovak standard, which are used for purposes of comparison.

In our research we compared the characteristic field values of the angle of shear strength obtained in the laboratory to observe the effect of their genesis on the appropriateness of the correlations used. We conclude with recommendations for the regional correlations and suggest values of the angle of shear strength for the classes of gravels tested.

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