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The Effectiveness of the Implementation of Research Results in a Technological Scheme of Water Purification


The paper proposes technical solutions for the use of the reagent method of water preparation at coke plants in order to bring it to a quality suitable for use in the circulating water supply system of the PJSC Kharkiv Coke Plan. It is proposed to dilute phenolic water in a biochemical installation in a mixer before purification and to purify water with a flocculant. The paper recommends dosing the flocculant solution automatically using a preparation station. Additional purification of the clarified water is carried out using a filtration unit with a filter media from a layer of quartz sand. The economic effect from the implementation of the technical measures is achieved not only due to the reduction in fresh water consumption by 60 540 m3/year and the cessation of the discharge of phenolic water into the city sewer network, but also the replacement of the reagent with a more efficient one and a decrease in its consumption. It has been found that the introduction of the technical solutions for the circulating water supply system is economically and environmentally justifiable.

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