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Effecting the Rheological Properties of Composites for 3D Printing Technology in Construction


The article deals with the factors that lead to the beginnings of the solidification and hardening of materials used in 3D home printing technology in construction. At the beginning, the composition of the materials as well as their essential fresh and hardened properties and the performance assumptions of such a mixture are described. Subsequently, the article discusses the main aspects of the rheology and hydration of cement composites and the use of additives such as superplasticizers, viscosity modifiers, and acceleration and retardation additives, which directly affect the onset of the setting of such materials and the strength of the resulting mixtures. Finally, we describe the printing and curing process of the extruded material, which is divided into 4 main phases from the pumping and extrusion of the material through the initial deposition of layers to a sufficient increase in strength in the required time.

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