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Measuring Control Delays at Signalized Intersections in Mixed Traffic Conditions


Control delay is the key performance indicator of a signalized intersection that defines the level of service. Several models have been developed in previous research work for estimating control delays, but many of them were based on homogeneous traffic conditions. In the present study, an Open Street Map (OSM) tracker mobile application was used to measure control delays from the field. A non-linear model was developed in the present study for estimating control delays in mixed traffic conditions using a MATLAB fitting tool. The field delay is compared with the developed non-linear model delay along with the Indian Highway Capacity manual (INDO HCM) and Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) models. The control delay estimated using the model developed in the present study shows a close relation with the field delay obtained using an OSM tracker when compared to that obtained using the INDO HCM and HCM models. Therefore, the OSM tracker mobile application can be used as a field control delay measuring technique.

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