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Aerodynamic Study of the Wind Flow in the Area of the R2 Expressway in Slovakia


Our calculation of wind effects was based on the specific wind situation of the planned R2 expressway. Given the topography and the prevailing wind directions, it was necessary to analyse the speeds for winds that could cause vehicles with trailers to be pushed off the roadway, as has been observed in recent years. Using a CFD simulation in the ANSYS FLUENT program, we analysed the entire section of the planned R2 expressway in order to evaluate the wind speeds at the level of the centre of gravity of truck trailers. Statistical turbulence models based on a time-averaging method, i.e., the RANS-Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations, of turbulent flow quantities and the time-averaging procedure of balance equations are suitable for solving the engineering tasks. In numerical simulations, the Realizable k - ε model was used in which the calculation of the turbulent dynamic viscosity in the equation for Boussinesque’s hypothesis was solved using two transport equations. Plotting and comparing the wind speeds for significant wind directions allowed us to design protection in the dangerous areas using protective walls.

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