The basic database for a geographic information system (BD GIS) forms the core of a national spatial data infrastructure. Nowadays decisions are being made about the potential data sources for additional data updates and refinement of the BD GIS. Will the data from departmental or other information system administrators serve for this purpose?

This paper gives an answer as to whether it is advisable to use “geodetic mapping” (the results realized in the process of land consolidation) or “cadastral mapping” (the results realized in the process of the renewal of cadastral documentation by new mapping) for additional data updates. In our analysis we focus on the quality parameters at the individual data element level, namely the positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, logical consistency, and data resolution. The results of the analysis are compared with the contents of the Object Class Catalog of BD GIS (OCC), which describes the group of objects managed by BD GIS and defines the data collection methods, types of geometry and its properties.

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