1. bookVolume 10 (2021): Issue 3 (June 2021)
    Humanistic Economy
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First Published
03 Oct 2014
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4 times per year
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The Role of the Bank in Meeting the Housing Needs of an Average Household – Evaluation of the Situation in 2018

Published Online: 15 Jul 2021
Page range: 61 - 69
Journal Details
First Published
03 Oct 2014
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The aim of the article is to determine the profile of an average Polish household and the possibility of satisfying average housing needs thereof as well as to indicate the role played by the bank in their implementation. The characteristics of an average household, the value of income and expenses thereof, the prices of residential properties and the data of the credit market were determined. statistical studies, The research material was obtained from reports and including data from the Statistics Poland, Eurostat, the database of residential property prices of the National Bank of Poland and the average offer prices of the rental market – for 2018, which reflects the current economic situation. The research was of a quantitative nature (statistical measures, housing availability index, credit simulations). The results indicate that as of 2018 an average household cannot afford to buy or rent a flat. The bank’s role in satisfying housing needs is not only important but rather necessary.


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