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Human centricity and technology advances research in social sciences: A literature insight on artificial intelligence

   | Dec 22, 2023


Evolving technology and human-machine interaction are two major stances that question human centricity as a core dimension for the future placement of human variables and social perspectives inside intelligent systems. The present paper explores present challenges and an up to date research synthesis concerning social sciences dimensions, theories, concepts and implementation with regard to the study of human centred artificial intelligence. The main scope consists of drawing several red lines for future research and theoretical social insights on artificial intelligence at work. Following a scholarly literature insight and several reference works, the study explores major topics of interest analysed so far and proposes new directions for the evaluation of human variables and machine learning at work in an organizational setting. Results showed there is a vital need for expanding research from human centricity point of view on the present matter, where studies are still scarce and heterogenous. Moreover, concept clarification and theoretical explanations are yet to be sufficient in explaining people interactions and management of artificial intelligence at the workplace. In conclusion human empowerment at work through ethical and person oriented intelligent systems in a given organizational context can ensure a fair and efficient development of people’s skills, professional objectives or level of performance while promoting human values, ethical principles and preserving the well-being. The paper presents also several practical implications of social sciences domain on artificial intelligence exploration and a few future directions for research.

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