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The fair access of the third country nationals to successfully integrate in the Romanian society


The present paper presents the experience and situation of third country nationals living in Timisoara, Romania. Their experience is relevant to the region of Banat, in the West of the country, but broadly speaking, also mirrors the situation of various types of migrants who come to Romania. Through both individual interviews and focus groups, we obtained information concerning 4 main topics that are relevant to integration: education, health, housing, and employment. The respondents were adults who came from a background that is diversified professionally, culturally, and geographically. Thus, the sample, consisting of a total of over 50 persons, is relevant to our purpose: finding out what the needs of the third country nationals are and how can both state institutions and civil society organizations better meet those needs. After having studied material stemming from previous research and after having analysed the discourse of those whom we have encountered, we conclude that, though the Romanian state has the legal basis and premises to ensure the successful integration of TCNs in Romania, there is still work to be done in the field of putting the theoretical framework into common practice on the ground, thus ensuring the fair access of the TCNs to the tools and support they need to successfully integrate in the Romanian society.

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