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Parametric Analysis of Electrochemical Discharge Drilling on Soda-Lime Glass Material Using Taguchi L27 Orthogonal Array Method


The Electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) is a hybrid non-traditional process which is specifically used for machining of conducting as well as non-conducting materials. In this research work, the fabricated ECDM experimental setup was used to machine the Soda-lime glass material with Brass tool material. The experiments were done on Soda-lime glass material with the help of Taguchi L27 orthogonal array method and analysed by using MINITAB 17 software. The average hole diameter and average machined depth results were checked after ECDM drilling on Soda-lime glass material with considering the input process parameters such as an electrolyte concentration, voltage and rotation. The experimental results indicated that voltage was the most dominant factor for average machined depth followed by an electrolyte concentration and rotation speed. The rotation speed was the most dominant factor for average hole diameter followed by voltage and electrolyte concentration.

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