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Design and Finite Element Analysis of an Eight Wheel Stair Climbing Cart


Most of the people living in developing or less developed countries have limited earning to provide somehow their basic needs and usual staff. Carrying goods is a regular task in life and several products have been invented to minimize efforts in this purpose. However, the price and features of most available products are out of the reach for the people of limited earnings. Stair climbing cart is very useful for those houses where a lift is not available. In this research, a modified mechanical design with eight wheels providing pause-rest feature has been represented with the equations of pulling force, constraints of stair dimensions and climbing mechanism. The ‘House of Quality Diagram ‘(QFD)’ has been added to accomplish the vision of further market research and customer satisfaction. The factor of safety and different types of stress have been determined for different types of loads and conditions. In addition, the details of the material with dimension, design and feasibility analysis have led this research to uniqueness.

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