The study of financial literacy and sustainability has attracted much interest recently and is expanding quickly. This paper offers a trustworthly, consistent, and current financial literacy and sustainability analysis following bibliometric analysis and systematic literature review. Concerning 127 documents published between 2008 and October 2022, we specifically examined the co-occurrence of author keywords, co-citation analysis of cited references, and subsequent in-depth analysis. Results show that the following topics have received the most attention in analyzing financial literacy and sustainability research: (1) financial inclusion; (2) financial behaviour; (3) financial systems; and (4) decision-making. The trick-down growth and development theory, the consumption function theory, the resource-based view theory, and the theory of entrepreneurship are the theoretical pillars supporting this study’s structure. Next, we create an integrative framework as the foundation for additional research. As a result, this review provides a thorough overview of financial literacy and sustainability research.