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Security in the Context of Sustainability: The Implications on Defence Expenditures


This scientific article aims to assess the link between defence expenditures and sustainable development in Romania. As the world faces increasingly complex security challenges and environmental concerns, it becomes crucial to examine the interplay between defence investments and sustainable development goals. The study focuses specifically on Romania, a country that has been undergoing significant economic and political transformations since joining the European Union. The analysis employs a comprehensive framework that integrates economic, social, and environmental indicators to evaluate the sustainability implications of defence expenditures. Using data from various sources, including national statistics and international databases, this study examines the trends in defence spending in Romania over a specified period. The research investigates the potential trade-offs between defence investments and sustainable development outcomes by considering key dimensions such as economic growth, social well-being, and environmental impact. By examining the case of Romania, valuable insights can be gained regarding the challenges and opportunities in balancing defence expenditures with sustainable development priorities. The study not only provides a comprehensive analysis of the current situation but also identifies potential pathways for enhancing the sustainability of Romania’s defence sector. This study contributes to the broader discourse on sustainable security fostering a more resilient and sustainable future.