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Impact of Entertainment-Based Events on the Level of Store Visitors and Retail Sales in Kazakhstan and UAE

   | Jan 18, 2019


Entertainment-based events are often held in malls across Kazakhstan and United Arab Emirates (UAE), but its crowd pulling power and influence on retail sales were seldom estimated or reported. This study addresses this void by comparing the impact of such event on the level of visitors and retail sales among tenants in MEGA Mall, Kazakhstan and Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, UAE. Data from different store categories in both countries revealed that entertainment-based events do increased the level of store visitors (during the day of the event) compared to the previous weekdays and weekend. Similarly, increased in sales were evidenced among the mall’s tenants in Kazakhstan and UAE (during day of the event). Evidence also suggested that anchor tenants (hypermarkets) are more likely to see sales increased from such event in both countries. In contrast, luxury stores benefited the least from the entertainment-based event in both countries. Overall, this study suggested that the hedonic value of entertainment-based event works well for family- and children-oriented businesses. Recommendations for future are presented.