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Country-of-Origin Effects on Consumer Buying Behaviours. A Case of Mobile Phones


In the period of market globalisation, global trade has changed immensely. Country-of – origin play a significant role in global marketing as it has created huge market opportunities for both firm and countries around the globe. Many companies are venturing in overseas market as they would benefit from a larger market share and lower cost of the goods and hence, these companies have to mention about the country-of-origin on the label of their products so that consumers can know where the goods originate from. This research will enable entrepreneurs and businesses who are in the commercial industry to have a better insight on the perception of consumers about the country-of-origin effects in the context of brands of mobile phones. The study further highlighted about the impact of a country’s image on the consumers’ purchase intentions. For this study, both qualitative and quantitative approach were used and both primary and secondary data were captured with the usage of convenience sampling technique. With evolutions in technology and mobile phones sectors, it was imperative to investigate on the above topic so as to reveal insightful details about country-of-origin effect on consumer buying behaviours as well as on country-of-manufacture and country-of-assembly.